Sedimenary City: Brisbane

In this project we are in search of the natural environment of the city of Brisbane. This project asks: “Where is the Sub-Tropical City of tomorrow?

This project contributes both a way of thinking about the city and three narratives, whilst based on factual data each narrative has a fictional outcome.
Each of the three narratives revolves around the search for - the future citizen’s relations with the natural environment - in tomorrow’s city:

     Envisioning One

The project begins with a snapshot survey of the contemporary city layer, followed by a sequence of future layers that incorporate interpretations of current forecasts and proposed developments. Culminating in a meditation on the intensification of these future city layers is the creative work titled
‘Envisioning One’ e1 cont.....

     Envisioning Two

This provocative scenario is immediately followed by a second narrative, titled ‘Envisioning Two’, which switches from the distant future to the long ago past of The First City – a term used by architect Peter Meyers in his article “The Third City”.  Our second narrative un-covers hidden or lost parts of The First City that may be re-covered for the future city - and concludes with a provisional and fictional map of the city of the past - as a potential guide to an alternative scenario for the city of tomorrow. e2 cont.....

Envisioning Three

The third and final narrative begins with a reminder of the - confronting - future city scenario - of the Inferno and Flood City.  This is quickly followed by the First City of the past laid-over the map of the contemporary city for comparison - to search for the place of lost or hidden qualities from the past – qualities that can be drawn forward into the contemporary city.  Process-es of overlay and erasure contribute to the construction of the creative work titled ‘Envisioning Three’ – our proposition for survival - and implementing tomorrow’s subtropical city.
e3 cont.....