The ‘Sedimentary City :  Brisbane’ project takes an analytical view of today’s city and the precarious trajectory of its current urban planning.

If the River City fails to implement a process of radical change now,   to secure its threatened green-space ecology to meet forecast population growth and climate change, its citizens are destined to confront a congested ‘Inferno City’ and ‘Flood City’ of tomorrow.

‘Sedimentary City’ finds an alternative solution to future flood security and green-space amenity in the ancient river floodplain of the ‘First City’ with its wide network of freshwater creeks, swamplands and subtropical forests abundant with fauna and flowering vines. Formed by the ancient watershed the First City floodplain ecology moderated floodwaters and supported its citizens culturally, environmentally and technologically. By contrast today’s city watershed is buried in pipes and its floodplain overburdened with building infrastructure contributing to the amplification of flood events.

The ‘Sedimentary City’ project proposes tomorrow’s city as a complete retreat from the floodplain, progressively restoring creeks in watershed landscapes with forests of great big trees in finger-parks stretching from river to ridge. Outside the floodplain the future human habitat is dense with urban activity housed intensely in-tune with the future ecology of tomorrow’s ‘Subtropical City’. .